With more than 140 years heritage, Harkness Roses have an extensive collection of over 200 varieties. From modern roses to classic old garden roses, all our roses have been bred to not only look beautiful but to flourish in any garden.

Harkness Masterpiece Collection®

The John Ystumllyn Rose

Harkness Roses has joined forces with the We Too Built Britain campaign to create what we believe might be the first ever rose to be launched that is named after an ethnic … Read the rest

Harkness Masterpiece Collection®

The Lady Carnarvon Rose

Named after Lady Carnarvon, Countess of Carnarvon who calls Highclere Castle home. The Lady Carnarvon Rose is a very rewarding variety.

The gentle adoption of pearl pink… Read the rest

Harkness Masterpiece Collection®

The Lakeland® Climbing Rose

The Lakeland® Climbing Rose is a little gem that gives so much pleasure. Flowering with great enthusiasm, the simple flowers are in long lasting clusters, the delicate… Read the rest

The Menopause Charity Rose

The Menopause Charity Rose is a simply stunning light candy pink. This enchanting rose has so many qualities, it’s hard to know where to begin. The foliage is a lustrous … Read the rest

The Platinum Jubilee Rose

Harkness Roses are proud to introduce this brand-new rose variety on the Queen’s 96th birthday, as we look ahead to her Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June.

After seventy… Read the rest

Harkness Masterpiece Collection®

The Prince’s Trust Climbing Rose

A big bold splash of scarlet red is the strength of The Prince’s Trust Climbing Rose. It produces a mass of blooms over a long flowering period. It is easy to grow, with… Read the rest

The Queen Elizabeth II Rose

We are proud to launch The Queen Elizabeth II Rose, officially selected by Her Majesty to mark the Platinum Jubilee. Having acceded the throne on 2nd February 1952 at the… Read the rest

The Reflection Rose

The Reflection Rose is there for any time when you want to reflect and celebrate life, these wonderfully delicate white floribunda roses are a delight to the eye. These … Read the rest

The Rob Burrow MND Rose

The Rob Burrow MND Rose, a bushy and upright plant, showcases glossy toothed foliage. The buds, initially tinged with a delightful light green, unfurl into breath taking… Read the rest

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Celebration Rose

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Celebration Rose is beautiful new Hybrid Tea variety with wonderful double blooms has been launched to celebrate the 75th Anniversary… Read the rest

The Simple Life Climbing Rose

The Simple Life Climbing Rose is a rose that simply does everything really well. The single flowers are large with a lovely centre, the colour is in the light pink and blush… Read the rest

The Sobell House Hospice Rose

The Sobell House Hospice Rose possesses beautiful floribunda pink flowers combined with dark green glossy foliage. This wonderful bloom has a mellow fragrance and paired… Read the rest

The Sun and The Heart Rose

The Sun and The Heart Rose is a fascinating variety with Persian heritage (via R. Persica). The shades of yellow are bright and cheerful. Producing large clusters of hybrid… Read the rest

This Morning Rose

This Morning Rose is one of the very best to grow in a pot, filling the pot completely and daintily trailing over the sides. Simply stunning. Grow as a Garden Shrub, 1 .0 metre… Read the rest

To My Wonderful Wife Rose

To My Wonderful Wife Rose is a beautiful Floribunda variety. The perfect way to celebrate or to remember your wife. It produces masses of fantastic fragrant blooms in a … Read the rest

Unconditional Love Rose

Experience pure beauty and warmth with the Unconditional Love floribunda rose. Its compact, bushy growth showcases stunning amber yellow blooms, exuding a captivating… Read the rest

Victoria Pendleton Rose

Delightful blends of gold and amber vie for attention in the Victoria Pendleton Rose, a flower that keeps opening to form a cupped bloom with 40 petals. They are beautiful… Read the rest

Virginia McKenna® Rose

The Virginia McKenna® Rose is both versatile and stunning. First there is the perfume, it has a really strong citronella element and is absolutely superb. It comes as the… Read the rest

Well Being Rose

Let us introduce you to the Well Being Rose. This rose practically oozes zen. The flowers are large and packed with petals, each ring becoming slightly smaller as they approach… Read the rest

White Star Climbing Rose

One of the most effective colours for a climbing rose is white, a mass of white stands out like no other colour on the White Star Climbing Rose. With a really long flowering… Read the rest

Harkness Masterpiece Collection®

White Wedding Climbing Rose

The White Wedding rose is a superb compact pure white Climbing Rose with masses of blooms. It is the ideal gift for that special couple as it will grow with them as their relationship… Read the rest

With Love Rose

The With Love Rose is an enchanting variety of Floribunda Rose, characterised by its exquisite ivory blooms that grace the garden throughout the summer season. Contrasting… Read the rest

Harkness Masterpiece Collection®

Wonderful World® Climbing Rose

This Wonderful World Climbing Rose provides a mass of flowers in Summer and Autumn. Making it the perfect gift rose for a friend on any occasion. Registered Name: Harbeguile… Read the rest

York Minster® Rose

Creamy white with a hint of amber in the Autumn season flowers. The flowers have plenty of petals, but in a perfect world they would be just a little bigger. What they lack … Read the rest

Your Wedding Day Rose

Your Wedding Day Rose produces fairy-tale roses for a fairy-tale day. Luxuriant pure white blooms set against deep glossy green foliage to accentuate the colour and charm.… Read the rest


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